RF Radio Frequency Eye Massager Anti-Ageing


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1. This radio frequency beauty eye massager is made of silicone, ABS, and metal materials, which are compact and beautiful, and comfortable to the hand.

2. Adopting RF radio frequency, EMS micro current, red light hot compress, and high-frequency vibration, our eye massager can effectively repair the skin around the eyes and solve a variety of eye problems, such as Crow's feet, and eye bags, and dark circles.
3. RF radio frequency technology and EMS micro current can stimulate eye muscles, promote collagen regeneration, tighten the skin around the eyes, enhance skin elasticity, smooth fine lines and remove edema.
4. 630mm red light, 40℃ constant temperature non-injury hot compress and 8000 times per minute high-frequency vibration can quickly import eye cream, massage the eye skin, relieve fatigue, reduce fine lines and improve eye skin elasticity.
5. This massage stick is suitable for the whole face, which can effectively relieve skin aging, dilute stains, and awaken skin vitality, allowing you to say goodbye to neck wrinkles and lip wrinkles.

Product information:

Product name: RF eye beauty instrument
Product Model: DS-8828
Battery capacity: 500mAh
Power input: 5v-1A
Applicable crowd: 18-55 years old (both men and women)
Material: ABS + electroplating (surface process electroplating)

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USB cable*1