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Material: Plastic / Plastic
Specifications: 38*7*28.2CM
Plastic material classification: ABS
Plastic building block type: small particles
Number of building blocks (pieces): 400-800 tablets (pieces)
Color: C008 Flying Eagle special police, 6727 police command car, C007 machine A special police (bag), 0125 special police helicopter, k030 mammoth tank, 102495 Black Hawk special team, 9314 speed hunt, C010 machine A special police (simplified bag), 1413 Shadow Pulse Chariot, c012 Thunder Police (bag), 9413 riot police command center

Product Name: Thunder Accumulated Police
Number of products: 780 PCS
Finished product size: 34* 12CM
Product material: ABS raw material
Number of people: 9 people
Suitable age: 6 years old and on

Number of blocks: 714 blocks (8 boxes)
Series: Super Chariot Series
Suitable age: 6 years old or older
Number: 1413
Material: ABS material, etc.
Product Name: Shadow Pulse Chariot
Maintenance method: 45 ᄚ warm water wash