Slimming Instrument Ultrasonic LED Micro-electricity EMS Introduction


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1. Small size, easy to carry
2. The price is lower than the fat-reducing machine
3. For personal use, you can lose weight anytime and anywhere by yourself
Save money, no need to spend more money to go to beauty salon or beauty salon

Main function:

-Ultrasonic massage and skin nutrition
-Tighten the skin
-EMS tapping, massage, kneading, scraping, slimming
-Reduce body fat and cellulite
-Burn body fat

1. EMS function:
The simulated person performs hammering, massage, kneading, acupuncture, and skin tightening.
Using micro-current massage, in this mode, the muscles are stimulated by the current to exercise the muscles and consume the surrounding fat, sugar and carbohydrates. In normal exercise, muscles can only withstand 60-70 joules per second, but in this high-frequency exercise through EMS, it will consume as much as 3000-4000 joules per second, allowing your body to lose weight quickly and effectively

2. Ultrasonic function:
1MHz ultrasonic vibration can penetrate deep into the skin, mechanically massage fat cells through high-frequency vibration, combined with chemical and heating effects, and gradually reduce fat.

3. Infrared hyperthermia
The silver collar around the massage probe is designed with carbon fiber
A component that emits infrared rays with a spectrum of 8-12 lm.
Infrared rays can penetrate the skin and subcutaneous tissues more deeply than others
The wavelength of light where they generate mild heat, thereby increasing
The temperature and circulation of deep subcutaneous tissues are improved. As a result, the
Cells work more efficiently and reduce fluid retention.

Product Information:

Use object: men/women
Gear position: 5 gears or more
Product specifications: American regulations, European regulations, British regulations, Australian regulations
Matching products: essential oils, gels, and original solutions


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