Electric Micro-Current Face Massager EMS Firming


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Product specifications:
Micro-current technology is one of the latest innovations , and is widely used in the best spas and medical institutions to tune, strengthen and firm skin aging.
Reduce skin and fine lines
It provides moisture to the skin and makes the skin softer.
Reduce swelling and Dark circles and bags under the eyes disappeared.

Type: Wrinkle Massager
Material: ABS zinc alloy
Battery capacity: 2.4 V / 800 MAH (included)
Operating voltage: 2.4 V
Output voltage: 5 V
Power: 0.15W
Features: firming, wrinkle removal, face, small size
Size: 10.6 cm ᅲ 6.5 cm 

Package content:

1 * instrument 

1* USB cable

1 * cloth bag

1 * instrution

Usage: 1. Clean the skin: thoroughly clean the face and dry it before use;
Operate the instrument, select the appropriate gear position, and lift the skin;
Daily skin care: carry out skin care steps, moisturizing sunscreen, and paying attention to maintenance.
Basic operation: 1. The key and gear keys are the same button. Press to turn on the machine and press to switch the gear. 2. Please keep positive and negative 2 balls while touching the skin. 3. After use, please clean the body with cotton pad to keep the instrument clean.