5 in 1 LED Skin Tightening


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Product specifications
Project Type: 5-in-1 Skin Lifter
Material: ABS plastic
Powder: DC 3.7V, maximum 5W
Voltage: Charging
Plug: USB
Battery: 850mAH
Phone weight: 85 grams
Phone size: 160 * 50 * 40mm / 6.3 * 1.95 * 1.57 inches
Charging time: 15-20 minutes
Working time: 10 minutes / time (recommended), full power can be used for 100 minutes

main role:
1: firming and anti-aging
2: skin whitening
3: Skin lifting and firming
4: Lighten spots and whitening
5: smooth eye bags
- Professional 5-in-1 rechargeable electric skin lifter
- Versatile, one machine to meet your multiple skin lifting needs
- RF, EMS, LED, electroporation, microwave pulse
- 5 LED colors to further improve skin texture
- 4-button control, lightweight and easy to use
- Suitable for eyes, face, head, body and all skin types
- Leading nutrition, nourishing and anti-wrinkle, firming and lifting, removing the main functions of acne and whitening
- Security and home use
It is used to activate cells and stimulate collagen reorganization and regeneration.
The unique EMS current gently stimulates the skin, causing secondary muscle movements in the muscles, allowing your skin to experience slight acupuncture and elasticity, stimulating subcutaneous tissue, activating cells, stimulating collagen shrinkage and reorganization, and The regeneration of new collagen makes the skin firmer. , vitality and elasticity, improve wrinkles and fine lines of the skin to renew smooth, shiny, flexible and fair skin.
2. Pulse wave
It has a unique output pulse current and alternating positive and negative pulse electrodes to stimulate deeper skin, causing deeper contraction movements and sagging of the internal tissues of the skin, thereby smoothing loose muscles and skin.
3. Mesopores
"Mesoporation" is a combination of mesotherapy and electroporation, which is widely used in Europe as a needle-free mesotherapy. It achieves a high penetration of the skin. It has been reported that the degree of penetration of mesopores is about 1 times that of conventional treatment, the skin depth is 1 mm, and 4 mm is 27 times, which has amazing effects on whitening and anti-aging.
4. RF
The characteristic of RF is that the power trend follows the shortest distance between the two electrodes. When current passes through the living tissue, the high energy flow generates heat as a high frequency characteristic and a resistance of the living tissue, thus feeling hot.
5. 5-color LED (light energy)
By using a special LED lamp developed specifically for cosmetic equipment, it works effectively and steadily without damaging the skin. It has red, blue and yellow light.
Products include:
1x beauty machine
1x usb charging cable
(You can choose to bring the original box or the ordinary carton, the other accessories are the same, the original box is heavier)